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As many brides and grooms do in preparing for their wedding, we inadvertently planned  for our first anniversary and many more to follow. Although the BIG 1st anniversary seemed like light years away, we froze the top layer of our wedding cake, contemplated booking a one year anniversary photo session, dreamt about what the first year would entail, purchased our wedding video to reminisce about the special day…and then, just like that, a year had passed… it was May 23rd,  our anniversary…and the only thing we had really planned was to get our one year old, possibly dry,  cake out of the freezer! What at one point seemed like such a distant thought was suddenly right in front of us. An entire year had FLOWN by!

After much contemplation, we settled on a casual dinner filled with walleye fingers (for all of our Fargo followers, Doolittles has the BEST walleye fingers!!!), scallops, steak, and the most delicious creme brûlée (I adore a good cream brûlée!!), oh and wine of course- can’t forget the wine! We then headed home to our half packed apartment, (yes, we were in the middle of moving!) ate our semi-dry raspberry vanilla cake, and watched our wedding video for the first time. It was like we were there all over again. It’s funny how many things you miss when you are the center of every picture, hug, well wish, and toast!


C&T_0189 C&T_0994



And last but not least, we exchanged our “paper” gifts….well Tyler gave me his gift. I, as usual, had procrastinated just a little and Tyler’s gift didn’t arrive until the following week…oopsie!

Now for those of you who haven’t celebrated an anniversary or have but didn’t know there were rules…well, there are! Rules regarding gifts, what you should do, etc etc. For your first anniversary the gift is paper, second is cotton, third is leather, etc. And if you want to follow the modern list instead there is a entire different set. Crazy right?! WHO KNEW! But don’t worry, Hallmark has the hookup for keeping all of these straight!

Tyler blew me away with the thoughtfulness and creativity he put into his paper gift. Isn’t his countdown adorable?!


And then a week later….my gift to Tyler showed up, but who is counting (thankfully he is a good sport about nearly everything)? A classic wedding photo with our first dance lyrics printed atop.


As cliche as it may sound, a year really does fly by. Each and every one does. Find reasons to celebrate, have fun, and remember to be thankful for each and everyday. And if you find yourself in our position and your anniversary is tomorrow, you haven’t picked up flowers, there is no reservation, and your cake is a little freezer burnt we have you covered! Check out these great ideas  for celebrating your first anniversary (or 50th!).

First Anniversary To Dos

Take a photo holding a photo from your wedding day- repeat each year using the prior year’s photo (we still need to do this!)

Have dinner at your wedding venue or at the location of your first date

Save the top layer of your wedding cake and eat it on the big #1

Dance to the first song you danced to as Mr. and Mrs. 

Take a trip to your honeymoon destination

xo, Cassie

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