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October 2016

    Let the projects begin!

    First comes house….then comes house projects! We made our list, we checked it twice, and the projects began!

    Paint, nails, plywood…we jumped aboard the farmhouse trend train & our DIY shiplap wall was born.



    So let’s start with the basics:

    • 8′ X 4′ X 1/4″ plywood (we used 3 sheets) cut into 8″ strips
    • 1″ wire brads
    • 1 gallon of semi gloss white paint
    • 2 pennies for spacing

    We started by cutting the plywood sheets into 8″ strips which was the most time consuming part. After the strips were cut, it was smooth sailing & we started nailing each board to the wall.

    TIP: Use the pennies to keep the spacing equal between each board 🙂


    Almost finished…one more board!


    Two coats of white paint & voila….

    Hello shiplap wall!


    And for the finishing touches…decor!


    Wooden letters: Hobby Lobby  (added twine and black paint for an extra farmhouse feel)

    Hanging tin baskets: Decor Steals (this sight is AMAZING! but be warned…you will become addicted!)


    xo, the Russells