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February 2017

    Everyone needs a faux mantel!

    Ok…we admit, the holidays got the best of both our waistline and our blogging….we’re working on it! At least the blogging part…we’ll keep you posted on our gym motivation.

    Lately, we have been loving CHARACTER & finding ways of adding it into our little fixer upper. So yes, when we found out our first house didn’t have a cozy fireplace complete with a fire iron and a mantel in the master bedroom, we were (or at least Cassie was) searching for inspiration (Pinterest!) and getting creative! Of course we could have just installed a fire place….but what fun would that have been? A DIY faux mantel was a little more up our alley and a perfect fit (not to mention fairly simple & incredibly inexpensive!)!



    We first cut the beam to our desired length & then it was time to paint. For this particular project we chose a vintage decor paint from Martha Stewart’s crafts line at Michaels. Lately, I’ve been using white chalk paint in bulk and have transitioned to Rust-Oleum Chalked Paint from Menards. The linen white, country gray, and matte clear coat are my fav!


    The beam that we purchased had a slight green tint, so an additional coat of paint was needed…three in total covered the best!

    Next up…install…and that was all Tyler! Metal rods (2, 5″ in length), liquid nail, and lots of measuring. Two 2.5″ holes were drilled into both the wall and into the beam to match the size of the metal rod. The metal rods were inserted into the wall, secured with liquid nail, and allowed to dry. Once dry, liquid nail was inserted into the holes in the beam and then the beam was lifted up onto the rods and secured as the liquid nail dried.

    And it’s up! Time to dry.

    Added the TV and a little decor…project complete!

    Wanna make your own? Here is what you need.

    -8 ft beam (or smaller depending on the size of the space) cut to your desired length
    -paint (we used a decor paint from Michaels)
    -metal rods (2) for securing to the wall (we used 5″ rods based on our wall studs and beam size)
    -liquid nail

    Happy faux manteling!

    xo, the Russells